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The comfort food for every person is different. There are people who loves rice, noodles, vegies, bread and pasta as their comfort food. 

Mine is pasta, though i lived in Indonesia where the people eat rice 3 times a day, but I always love pasta!! Always!! ā¤ļøšŸ˜Œ

After having a baked mac and cheese for lunch at one of my friends, i cannot stop thinking about it. I just have to recreate one at home.

So i stood in front of my fridge and use anything i have (luckily i have the main ingredients on hand) and create this gorgeous babe.

Feel free to prepare yours, and tell me more about the result..


  • 225gr macaroni elbow
  • 1lt milk – susu cair
  • 2sdm(tbs) butter/margarine – mentega/margarine
  • 2sdm(tbs) all purpose flour – tepung terigu
  • 170gr cheddar cheese – keju cheddar, sisakan sebagian untuk taburan
  • Smoked beef/pepperoni/sosis
  • Pepper, grated nutmeg, salt to taste – Merica bubuk, pala, garam secukupnya
  • Chicken seasoning (optional) – Penyedap rasa ayam (optional)

1. Bechamel sauce : in a saucepan, melt the butter/margarine, mix the flour into the pan, incorporate milk until thicken, put the grated cheese (leave some for the topping), taste with pepper, salt, and grated nutmeg mix well.

panaskan mentega / margarine, masukan tepung terigu. Masak hingga menggumpal. Masukan susu putih, masak hingga teraduk rata dan mengental (saring bila perlu). Masukan keju parut, beri garam, merica, pala sesuai selera

2. Mix the macaroni, smoked beef/pepperoni/sausage with the bechamel sauce in the glass oven pan.

Campurkan becamel sauce ke macaroni yg sudah direbus terlebih dahulu, beri taburan smoked beef, pepperoni, sosis potong. Aduk rata di loyang kaca untuk memangang.
3. Crust : melt butter/margarine in a bowl, mix the bread crumb, stir evenly.

Taburan : lelehkan mentega/margarine, campurkan tepung roti.

4. Put the rest of the cheese and the mixture crust on top of the pan. Baked for 45 minutes in the oven, 175 celcius.

Taburkan sisa keju parut, lalu taburkan campuran tepung roti merata diatas loyang. Panggang selama 45 menit hingga kecoklatan di suhu 175c.

5. Enjoy..